Friday 28 January 2022

Imperial system

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Three-chamber for window-door system

NOVES okná, a.s.is a manufacturer of a three-chamber window-door system that is perfect for general outdoor constructions (houses and blocks of flats, commercial premises, offices, etc.). The Imperial system features profiles that are 65 mm deep and its walls are 2.0 mm thick, the thickness of glazing ranges between 4 and 51 mm. NOVES okná, a.s. offers the option to choose from various threshold options: free threshold, sliding threshold or non-threshold design. We offer German fittings and a number of system accessories.

Technical specifications

German door fittings with single-point or three-point hook fastener allows for a wide variation of methods of opening the windows and doors. The offer includes a number of accessories (automatic closing systems, wing holders, blocking systems for passive door wings, safety pads, electric locks, balls, handles, mailboxes, etc.).

• Three-chamber window-door system
• The system belongs to the 2.1 RMG group according to DIN 4108 material standard
• Breakage of the thermal bridge using 24 mm non-conducting polyamide strips with fibreglass

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