Saturday 4 December 2021

Door fillings

Your home’s entrance door represents your image!

Doors and door panels must conform to the visual requirements of the home owner and the overall image of the building, as well as requirements for safe use and thermal comfort. 
Appearance, various series, decorative door panels range from classic and proven shapes to ultra-modern versions, which differ by appearance, materials used (usually aluminium in combination with colours and glazing options) and glass panels with standard types of glass (ornamental, mirror, safety glass) or special glass(stained, dyed, etched, etc.).

To increase thermal comfort and thermal insulation, panels can be made up to 40 mm thick for plastic doors, and up to 44 mm for aluminium doors. For colour panels, the HPL version is usually recommended, which provides strength and long-term stability even when exposed to sunlight. Door panels can also be bought in MDF form for added security, i.e. with an embedded aluminium or steel sheet in the panel core.
Our wide range of shapes and decors and door panel options will help you select the right one for your home.

Enter the world of MATRIX door panels!

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